Person-Holistic Innovations is a mental health organization located in Las Vegas, Nevada that specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy and humanistic therapy in order to assist individuals through a holistic based approach to mental health treatment.

Listed below are descriptions of our current therapists here at the organization.  Each therapist accepts different forms of insurance, along with private session rates for individuals who do not have a current mental health insurance provider.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at 702-518-4532 or by connecting with each therapist individually through their information listed below.

Our Therapists:

Daniel Berarducci, CPC, ACS

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E-mail: info@personholisticinnovations.com

Phone: 702-518-4532

Non-Insurance Session Rates: $125 per appointment for all mental health therapy services; $125 per appointment for all consultation services

Daniel Berarducci is a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Nevada (License #CP0071). He is also a State of Nevada Approved Supervisor for Clinical Professional Counselor Interns.

Daniel Berarducci, CPC, ACS received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Drexel University and his Master of Arts in Mental Health and Behavioral Medicine with a Specialization in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Boston University. He also completed a year of training at Gannon University’s Doctor of Philosophy program in Counseling Psychology.

During his time in the mental health profession, Daniel Berarducci, CPC, ACS has had the opportunity to provide treatment to adults, teenagers, and children. He has also been able to facilitate and provide support to these individuals regarding their concerns with depression, anxiety, mood inconsistencies, grief and loss, trauma, general medical conditions (HIV/AIDS), and various behavioral concerns.

Within the specialization of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Daniel Berarducci, CPC, ACS has previously been able to provide consultation to both individuals and groups regarding their sport/athletic performance. Through an individualized consultation process, he has provided insights and observations for improving performance concerns through exercises focusing on attention, concentration, team cohesion, team building, leadership, emotion regulation, visualization, and other performance matters.